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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some pretty cool things have been happening this week with two of our investigators. So we teach a young couple named Bryan(20) and Raurea(17) and they can't get married because Raurea has to be 18 for them to get married and her birthday is in September. So we started teaching them at the beginning of March and they have progressed so much that they want to stop living together and get baptized now and wait all the way until September to get married and live together.
This is nearly unheard of in French Polynesia. In fact, Bryan told the ward mission director last night that he really wants to go far in this church and he wants to serve a mission. He wants to leave the girl he has been living with for the past 6 months and serve a mission. I have never seen this kind of faith from any of my investigators. Honestly how much they are progressing is shocking me.
I remember the first time I talked to Bryan way back in February and I look at him now and how much he has changed because of this gospel. Its experiences like this that really strengthens my testimony. This church is so true and everyone here in Polynesia can see it. This week I have just felt really in comfort and I have seen many blessings, a lot through our investigators.

All of this is helping me to gain an even stronger testimony. And this week we had our investigator Junior (14) gets baptized. I gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was a really neat experience. His mom really wants to get baptized too but her husband doesn't want her to.  Very sad that one person is holding back someone's salvation. 

Junior and I before the baptism. He was stressing out to bear his testimony after the baptism

This is us with Junior's family. Bryan is the guy crouching right beside me and Raurea is in a green dress right behind me. His mom is in purple behind me also.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Here's a picture of our most recent baptism. She got married right before this baptism and still had all the make-up/hair stuff when she was baptised, which is why she doesn't look to happy in this picture. It all washed off.

This is a mountain near our house. If you look closely you can see Donkey Kong playing the piano

My companion chillin' in front of a totally normal sunset in Moorea.