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Monday, August 11, 2014

​The view from our backyard.

My companion and I in front of the church sign.

The feint outline of an island just above me is Bora Bora.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ia ora na everybody!

Miracle of the week. I got transfered! I am now serving at an island named Tahaa which is located some miles North-West of Tahiti just above the island of Raiatea. Fun fact, the word tahaa in tahitian means naked. So I'm serving at naked island. Luckily the naked colonies here are a thing of the past.  My new companion is a Tahitian named Elder Firuu and he is super cool. There are 4 missionaries total at Tahaa and I am the district leader here. This is a biking sector and seeing that the island is split in two and is a gigantic island we will be doing some massive amounts of biking here (something like 30 miles a day on average). This should help me lose any weight I may have gained while I was in a car at Moorea. Seeing that this is my second day here I don't really know the sector but from how my companion has described the sector this will be something similar to my experience at Rurutu. Not tons of investigator, tons of Protestants, a lot of the lessons are in Tahitian, unlimited biking, no hot water; I'm soaking up the island life right now. 

From what I have heard its a branch here with about 60 active members, so the goal is to turn this branch into a ward. I'm really excited to be forced to use my Tahitian again because that seems to be the only way I can effectively improve my speaking capacities. I don't have any crazy stories yet but I'm sure within the next couple weeks I'll have some good ones. I haven't had the chance to get some good pictures here but I'll send the pics of Tahaa next week. That is my little update for now. I'm out here on this island working hard to build the kingdom of God. Everyone in America enjoy your hot water.

Elder Rose
tahaa tahaa

Sunday, August 3, 2014

My birthday cake. My ward mission leader has the same birthday as me so we celebrated together.

       We went with the sister missionaries to the local juice factory to taste test some juices. Mango is the best!

We went on a hike for P-day. At the top we met a famous US athlete. She ran for the US in the Olympics.   I don't know who she is though...  her name starts with "Tia" I think

 Enjoy the view!