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Monday, October 20, 2014

So I've got some news this week. 

Transfers came along and we happened to be affected. Elder Firuu has been transfered to Tahiti and I got my new companion this week, Elder Franco. He is an American from Heber City Utah who happened to come into the mission at the same time as me. So its good to be serving with one of my MTC buddies again. 

We started out this week pretty well teaching a couple lessons in Tahitian, riding our bikes a good 70 miles, and doing around 3 miles of door to door contacting. The weather has been very welcoming for Elder Franco also, there is a torrential downpour at least once every day which makes riding our bikes adventurous. When it rains the humidity level goes down to maybe 85% for an hour or so, which is slightly comforting and a better alternative to the normal 100%.

Also just an update on conference. For this last conference we had the blessing to be able to go down to Raiatea so I could watch the conference in English. One of my favorite quotes from conference would have to be when Richard G. Scott said "studying the Gospel is more important than sleeping", so that kind of puts the importance of Gospel study into perspective. 

As for the progress here at Haamene we still have three baptisms set, two for December and one for January. Over the past month we have been able to find some new investigators with good potential, so we should have some new baptisms set sometime in the near future. I don't think its possible for a baptism to be easy for an investigator. With every investigator I have helped get baptized there has always been one thing that Satan has done to try to influence them not to get baptised. This pattern holds here at Tahaa and we are doing our best to help our investigators keep progressing and to keep their faith. 

Like it says in 2 Corinthians 5:6-7 we are here to walk by our faith and not by our sight. Our faith will be put to the test in this life. I have really been able to see this scripture come to life on my mission. I am so grateful though for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for all the blessings and joy that we can receive from it, like it says in Romans 1:16. 

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers, it really does help me. Everyone have a good week and a good Halloween. Don't eat candies that have already been opened and look both ways before you cross the street. 

Orometua Rose 
My new companion Elder Franco

One of my last moments with Elder Firuu, on the boat to Raiatea