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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Our area is doing alright here. We weren't able to do a lot of lessons this week, we had a lot of bad luck and a lot of people canceled their lessons, but this week we went to the monthly leadership meeting also. 

And today was pretty good, we went to a singing practice for the concert this sunday and right after that we got to watch meet the mormons. We watched it in French and even if I didn't understand everything in it the spirit was super powerful and I really enjoyed it. It was pretty inspiring for me and I really see the importance of service.

Elder Rose
Our ward had a Hawaiian night activity so I decided to take advantage a little of the props. 

We cleaned out the house this morning and this is what happens after years of members dropping off the food at the missionaries' house. There are probably over 100 plates and one dinner appointment might be 2 plates. 

This is what I do with the Tahitian fruit called rambuton when we don't want to eat it