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Monday, July 29, 2013

Five Days into the MTC

Hey everyone! Five days into the MTC and I'm having a blast! This has been like the most productive week of my life ever.
So my first day when I first walked into my French class and met all my district I was pretty nervous because the teacher was only speaking French and the only word that I could pick out was "bonjour" and I was kind of freaking out. But anyway we start to get into class and I just met everyone and it really wasn't bad as I thought it was going to be. Our teacher is probably the coolest teacher ever! Her name is Sister Buswell and she served in Tahiti a couple years ago so she has all the inside scoops. But  my companion ended up being Elder Edwards from Las Vegas and he is great. We have a really good chemistry going on and that is just another testimony to me that my mission call and companion really are divine.
Anyway we finished the first half day and on Thursday we figured out who our first "investigator" would be (we are thinking that the investigatior was an RM because he looks like a white guy with a really good tan). He was a Tahitian living in Provo but he only spoke French, NO ENGLISH. And we had to teach him the next day! So I was kinda stressed about that but I prayed a lot and Elder Edwards and I made the lesson as best we could but it was just stressful because I really do not know French very well at all. So the lesson time came around and Elder Edwards and I just said a prayer and we just went into it with a good attitude and the spirit with us. I tried as hard as I could to remember our script but I just couldn't do it but we got through it and still felt the spirit so I felt like it was a success! But when we set up our next appointment with him we thought he said it would be a week from today, but turns out he actually said he wanted to meet at the same time tomorrow. So the whole class was pretty stressed out about that but really we all just worked really hard and were all able to make semi-good lessons. 
We are all learning so fast here! We study language for about 10-12 hours a day! Sooo much time! But the combination of that much time along with the spirit and the gift of tongues really has helped us all to be able to learn so much faster than we would have normally. And its really cool because we are all remembering stuff from our French 1 classes, which we realized we couldn't do a week ago before our mission calls. The gift of tongues is real!
My district is so awesome though. So there is my companion Elder Edwards and I, Elder Jessop from Utah, Elder Gilson from Canada, Elder Molonari from New York, and Elder Twede from Utah. They are all freaking hilarious! It has only been five days but we really do feel like a family already. I am running out of time so I will fill everyone in with more stories next week.
I just want to thank everyone who has been keeping me in your prayers. I really do appreciate it and I can feel the help from it. I love you all!
Here is a picture of my nametags. My companion and I. The smaller group picture is my distcrict and the larger group picture is everyone going to Tahiti in 11 weeks. We are all super stoked!
Au Revoir!
Elder Rose

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yo peeps its me, Cody Rose and this will be my blog while I'm on my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Tahiti! I won't be able to update this blog so it will be run by my mom while I'm gone. If you want to contact me or send me anything I put links to that on the side. I will be able to respond to letters better than e-mails because I only have a limited time on the computer. I will be in the Missionary Training Center for 11 weeks starting July 24th and will be learning French and Tahitian! I'm so grateful for this opportunity that the lord has provided me with and I know he will bless me as I remain faithful and diligent in my work. I want to bear my testimony that I know that this church is true and that Joseph Smith restored this church through divine revelation. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know the Lord speaks to us today through a living prophet. I know that Jesus Christ died and atoned for our sins so we could live with our Father in heaven again.

I'm so excited to share the gospel in such a wonderful place! I really do know that I was meant to serve here and I can't wait to dedicate myself to the Lord's work!