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Sunday, December 14, 2014

This is a famous rock here at Raiatea. The legend of this rock goes like this; A long long time ago here at Raiatea the men were taller than this rock. If a boy reached the age of 18 and wasn't taller than the rock they would cut off his head. I don't think I would make the cut :( 

We had another baptism this week. Wesley (left) and Ocean (right) were married last week and Ocean got baptized last Friday even though she was really sick that day. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So news for the week, I got transferred again! This time I went very far, from Tahaa to Raiatea (neighboring islands, about 5 miles apart). I am in the city of Tevaitoa and our area includes the ward of Tevaitoa and a neighboring branch.  One of the best things about this transfer would have to be the truck that we have now, a beautiful Toyota Hilux. My legs are sighing in relief right now. It was sad to leave Tahaa with Elder Franco because we were really making some good progress in that branch and I was really attached to our investigators and the members over there, but I found that the members in my new ward are very inviting also. We eat very well over here, the members feed us at least once a day, so we shouldn't have any problems with that. Also we have a good amount of progressing investigators and we even had a marriage last Saturday for one of our investigators who will be baptised this Friday. 

The work is good here. This gospel is such a blessing to us all and it is such a joy to be able to share it with everyone. We are all so loved and blessed by our Heavenly Father and I know he hears and answers our prayers. Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers. Also because people only celebrate French holidays here I forgot that Thanksgiving was last week so I would like to wish everyone a happy late Thanksgiving. I hope everyone got all their black friday shopping done in safety. Now we start the Christmas countdown. Have an excellent week everyone!
​So the story to this picture goes like this. Our door can only be unlocked by a key from the inside and outside. Elder Gouttin, the Elder that I replaced, took the 1 house key with him when he took the plane to Tahiti. We asked the couple that works in the mission office to send us the key but they weren't in too big of a rush to get it out to us. For 5 days we climbed through the back window to get in and out of our house. We didn't want to let anyone else see how we were getting in and out of the house so we had to keep it on the DL every time we did it. That was fun. ​

We had a baptism this past Saturday. In the middle is Marama, the new convert, and on the right is my companion, Elder Teihotu. I had the privilege to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost.