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Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey everyone! Week 2 done!
So much has happened this week it will be hard to fit it all in one e-mail but I'll do my best.
So starting off this week we continued to teach Vatea en Francais and that was going well. I was super happy because my companion and I were able to get through basically the whole first lesson withough looking at our notes. Granted it did take about an hour to teach him everything, just because it takes us so long just to come up with basic French phrases, but I was just happy I didn't look at my notes at all. It was really amazing because I could remember the most obscure and random words that I know I would have not been able to remember on my own.

But later that day our teacher, Sister Buswell, told us that we would be getting another French teacher soon so we were all really excited about that. But the next day when we saw our teacher we found out that our new teacher, Brother Roney, was actually the guy who was playing "Vatea", so we were all really surprised about that. But he is such a solid guy. You can tell just by his attitude toward everything that he was a great missionary. But now that we have two teacher, we have two new "investigators" that we will be teaching. One investigator will be played by each of our teachers and we will be teaching each investigator two times a week. So that means we will be teaching four lessons a week to investigators and we also have something called "Training Resource Center" where we teach random people lessons (usually members) once a week. So that means that we have five lessons a week to be teaching. I'm ready! I'm just going to work my hardest and I know that the Lord will fill in the rest for me.

My whole district has been working so hard at learning French though. We have started to SYL "speak your language" for an hour a day and basically as often as we can. Our French is greatly improving though and we know its because of the Lord!

So earlier this week everyone in my zone went to San Francisco but me and one other elder in my district (and the reason he didn't go was because he is from Canada so he is already cool with the French I guess). But that kind of made me worried because I need to go soon to get my visa. So I went to the travel office today and talked to a lady there and told her my situation and she said they didn't send me because in the computer they have me only speaking Tahitian??? So she said she would call Salt Lake and get thing figured out with them. So I will hopefully be making a trip to San Francisco this week but I'm not sure how that would work out because no one else needs to go except me.

But another crazy story. So my companion Elder Edwards was best friends with my neighbor up at BYU-I. It gets crazier. I remembered that during winter semester someone was visiting my neighbor at BYU-I who was going to Tahiti. Crazy thing was, I tried to go see whoever that person was and just barely missed them. It was Elder Edwards that was visiting! I almost saw my companion before the mission, which is crazy. And I guess while I was in New York with my family I was really close to two other guys in my district! Crazy stuff.

Recently we inherited a great amount of church pictures and random items from some of the 10+ missionaries on our residence hall leaving today for France and the Congo. They were super cool to us so we are really going to miss them but it is nice to inherit things here haha. But we are getting 17 new elders going to France this Wednesday, so we will no longer be the noobs of the hall! But anyway, thanks to everyone who wrote me! And thanks to everyone who is praying for me. I can feel the strength from your prayers.
Elder Rose

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