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Monday, November 25, 2013

Ia ora na i te mau taata i o ra!

This week was an interesting one. On Tuesday we started off the week by having all four of our lessons dropped. We later realized it was because the semi-weekly boat had arrived in Avera, the city located on the other side of the island. But the good news about the boat arriving was that we finally received our DVD player and fans that we had asked for 6 weeks earlier. 

So a couple weeks earlier we had set up a "coin de feu" (which means fireside, literally translated to corner of the fire) that we would be having on Sunday, yesterday. This week we really focused on visiting members and committing them to invite their friends to this fireside on Sunday. So all throughout the week we were able to see all 10 of the active families in our branch at least twice, which gave us pretty high hopes that this fireside would yield some new investigators for us. So Sunday rolls around and we are able to get a few last commitments out during church for the fireside. Then the fireside rolls around. After our week of many commitments and follow-ups we had an astounding 0 investigators show up. So back to the drawing board. This week we are focusing on just talking to people on our own an seeing what kind of results that can have.

Also another idea that we had was to try teaching an English class at the church. We had our first class last week and it had a decent turn out. We even had one potential investigator come so we will keep doing that for sure. And for some reason people here think English is really funny (mostly just the pronunciations for things). I almost feel like a stand up comedian as I am explaining to them how to pronounce words. I never thought the word "hat" would be so funny.

Saturday was interesting too because we tried to go see old investigators with one of the members and literally everyone that we tried to go see wasn't home. Again, we realized that everyone was at the huge wedding in the other city, Auti. There aren't any big weddings or boat arrivals this week so we probably won't have something like that come up again. 

And for all who don't know the word "nana" is actually the Tahitian word for bye. Just an interesting fact.

So I'm out of time for this week, mais à la prochain,

Elder Rose 
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