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Monday, December 30, 2013

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas. I had an awesome week.

So on Christmas we started out by opening presents that we had received from our families. My favorite present was the bag of snickers candy bars. I felt like such an American eating all of them. Then after that we were able to Skype our families. It was awesome just to be able to talk to them and catch up on all the news and get some advice. And its weird to think that I only have one more Christmas like this and then I will be going home. So that was good, and for dinner we ate at the branch president's house. We ate poisson cru (raw fish), sashimi (different raw fish), chicken, rice, potatoes, and to top it off some awesome cake. So that was good too. Oh and we also found out the news about transfers. Neither of us are getting transferred! So that means that we will both be here together for another 6 weeks at least, so that was good news. 

Oh and the other awesome news for this week. We were able to set up a baptism date with our investigator Taae finally. Normally it will be February 18th, so I might not be here, but I am just happy that we were able to set up a date. And then there is the other baptismal date news. So of course something came up and we didn't have any baptisms this weekend with Noarii and Ivee. Their parents changed their mind last second so we weren't able to do it. So this week we will be talking to the parents and clearing all of that up. 

But overall it was a good week. Nothing too crazy happened except our propane gas that heats the water in our house ran out and we found out we won't be able to get more propane until this Friday. But that's pretty much all the time I have this week. Thanks to everyone who reads this and happy new year!

Here is a picture of the table at my branch president's house. Notice the little pine tree Christmas tree in the corner.
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