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Monday, December 9, 2013

Hi Everyone,

This week was kind of hard. At the beginning of the week we had an inactive man that we were meeting with tell us he didn't want to keep meeting with us, so that was kind of hard on us. Also, at another lesson we taught this week (there was a man who was related to this grand-mother and her daughter somehow, he was probably about mid 30s) and we taught a lesson on baptism and why that's important and the covenants that we make when we are baptized into this church. And this guy did not agree with us at all. He took the conversation straight to baptisms for the dead and immediately said he didn't want us to read out of the Book of Mormon at all, only the Bible. So of course we read the super obscure verses on baptism for the dead in the Bible and he just doesn't agree with anything we say because the verses don't straight up say "do baptisms for the dead" and then he read a verse in Ecclesiastics Chapter 9 verse 13.  It’s just so frustrating trying to convince some of the people but, we had some cool experiences happen this week too so that was good.

I'm just super pumped to go to main land in Tahiti, we leave on Friday and we get back on Wednesday. And we are going to the temple on Saturday morning at 9AM so I am pumped for that. 

Anyway that’s my little update for this week. Faaitotio e maiti i te maitai, e e mea roa to'u here no outou i o ra.

Orametua Roti

Elder Rose
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Some fruit a member gave us this week.

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