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Monday, January 27, 2014

Bonjour everyone! 

I hope everyone has been enjoying the nice cool weather up in the northern hemisphere. I want to just start out by saying that last week was pretty hot, as in probably at least mid-high 80's with near 100% humidity. That's not to brag or anything, that's just the preface for this next part. With that being said, we had BOTH of our fans die last week. That's what you get when the mission office(the people who send us stuff) buys us $13 fans and we use them 24/7 for a month. Luckily God really does work miracles and after only 5 days without fans we received another one from the mission office. This really is a miracle and I still do not understand how it happened. There have been things that we have ordered from the mission office over 3 months ago and we still have not received them. We ordered that fan from the office a little over a week before it arrived here. So that was our little miracle for the week ha ha.

The past two weeks have been interesting in the aspect of missionary work though. We started to have a lot more lessons down in the city of Hauti, located almost 4 miles south of where we live. All the trips down there make for some pretty solid thigh muscles. Through street contacting we were able to find another investigator named Yohan who is actually really interested in the church. Also we were able to start teaching a family of 6, which was a really neat experience. So after all of that we had a nice 7 new investigators for this week. Now they just have to get baptized ha ha.  Our investigator Alaska Taae is getting more and more prepared for his baptismal date for the 28th of February so that is super exciting. All in all, we have been very blessed this week and the Lord has been working some awesome miracles.

That is pretty much all the time I have for this week. Sorry its so short. Merci à tout les personnes qui lire cette page. Ua here au ia outou! Faaitoito noa e tamaa e tae noa'tu e farii outou i te oaoa. Until next time,

Elder Rose
Here is an action shot of a member getting a coconut

And here is proof of the fastest I have ever gone on my bike 58.1kmh-36mph (MXS stands for max speed). And yes this was going down a mountain, don't worry mom we wear helmets.    
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