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Monday, August 19, 2013

Ia Ora Na les gens! So this week was pretty good overall. The weeks are starting to go by so much faster now though. It seriously only felt like two days since it was last Monday. 

So, on Sunday I decided to sing in the choir this week since we knew we had a general authority coming to the MTC devotional on Tuesday. This turned out to be a really good choice. We sang "Jesus Once of Humble Birth" and it was close to the strongest I have felt the spirit here yet. And that was just at practice! But the choir director was super cool and had a lot of insight into the scriptures. By the end of the song I felt like I really appreciated the song a lot more, just because of the director. But anyway, so on Tuesday the whole choir went over to the Mariott Center early to practice and that went well; but after the practice was done we were all kind of just waiting to see who it was. A couple minutes before the devotional started everyone was making their guesses ( I thought it was going to Neal. L Anderson). So it gets to about 7 O' clock and then everyone just starts to get really quiet because people start to walk in. Then all of the sudden people sitting toward the front, near where the people were walking in, started to stand up. It was Richard G. Scott! His message was on the power of prayer and how we can receive revelation through prayer. This was very ironic because this was the same subject my whole district had been studying for the past two days. He actually quoted a couple of scriptures that we had all read together which was really neat. But that was one of the best talks I have ever heard. The spirit was just so strong and really helped to strengthen my testimony on the power of prayer. And something else that was funny was that he gave two separate apostolic promises (one at the beginning of the talk and one at the end) that if we were learning a foreign language that through faith in the lord and through hard work we can learn our language and be successful. My whole district was convinced he was talking to everyone going to Tahiti because we thought he gave two promises for the two languages we are learning! 

On Thursday we had TRC again and it went great this week. I was a little nervous again going into it but by the end of it I was very glad that it happened. The first guy we taught had such good feedback for us it really helped boost our confidence. I really enjoy going to the TRC because speaking with fluent French speakers here is almost priceless. We can talk to the other people in our district all day but it just doesn't compare to fluent speakers. But yeah, that was pretty much the major parts of my week, other than my lessons which (which went good). Thanks for everyone who reads this! I'm glad that I'm not just writing all of this for nothing haha. But I'll have more cool stories for next week! A la prochain! Oti!

Elder Rose 

So I finally took my cliche map picture.

 Here is a picture of me just chillin in a tree during our temple walk.

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