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Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey everyone! Another week bites the dust. Again this week just seemed to fly by. I am starting to think the MTC is on some different time scale or something because these weeks go by so fast. 

So on Tuesday for our devotional we had Robert J. Maynes the president of the quorum of the 70 come talk to us. It was really great. What was even cooler was that some of the other Elders in my district and I decided not to sing in choir but just get to the devotional as early as possible and it turns out we got some of the closest seats doing that. Our seats were even closer than the choir so I think we will probably do that for now on. His talk was great! It was on how we (the missionaries) can make some huge impacts on peoples lives if we are listening to the promptings of the spirit. It really inspired me to be the best missionary that I can be. 

Oh and something else weird that has been going on this week. Everyone in my district has been starting to get sick (with like a really bad cough and some sinus congestion) but its funny because with the way our district sits at tables you can just see how it has slowly been spreading through everyone. But the sickness finally got over to my table later this week and I am still waiting to get hit by it but nothing has happened yet thank goodness. Another kind of funny thing that happened this week. So one of the elders in my district has a really bad cough that kept him up all one night and he said that night that he heard three people sleep talk. One of which was me! I didn't think I slept talked so that was kind of funny to hear. But he said the two other elders who slept talk just sounded creepy and kind of moaned/whispered something in English but he said that I said like a full sentence in clear French! So I guess that means I am dreaming in French even though I don't remember any of my dreams. I just like to tell all the other elders that I'm already fluent thought because I sleep talk in French!

Speaking of French, I am starting to understand the language so much better now! The gift of tongues to the max. In TRC this week Elder Edwards and I taught one of the same sisters that we taught last week and after the lesson she said that she could understand us so much better this week than last week, which was very comforting to hear. 
And on Friday I think we hit our half-way mark which was just crazy to think about. It doesn't seem like we have been here that long and its a little intimidating to think that we are all that much closer to being sent out to Tahiti to speak only French and maybe Tahitian to everyone. Its just crazy. Its just going by so fast! I feel like I won't know French well enough when I leave but I would probably feel that way even if I left another month later. And its confirmed I am going to San Francisco on Sept. 5th for my Visa! Finally! But yeah, that was my week in a nutshell.

A la prochain

Elder Rose

Two Languages Does Not Come Easy! 

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