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Monday, September 23, 2013

Semain neuf est finis (week 9 is done)! Where did the time go? This week felt like it was two days long. I really think time works differently in the MTC sometimes. 

This week was pretty normal. Devotional on Tuesday we got to hear from Elder Schwitzer of the 70. His talk was about missionary work and how we can become better missionaries. Its cool how all the themes of the MTC seem to be the same, whether its my personal study or a devotional, it always seems to get the same message across. This Wednesday was fun because I got to see Sister Hanks arrive at the MTC and I also got to see our whole new French district (we got about 20 new elders and 3 sisters) get here. It was so crazy just to think I was in their shoes just nine weeks ago. It also really helped me to realize how far I have come in French, just watching them study what seemed to me to be easy French principles and grammar. My time here is such a blessing though and I am so glad I have been able to be here for this long. Also on Friday I got to see my old BYU-I roommate Elder Madeux which was great just to catch up with him.

Thursday was an interesting day though. We started out the day with Tahitian instruction from Frere Roney and at the end of his instruction he taught our district about fifteen minute lesson just summarizing the first lesson (in Tahitian of course). So I'm just sitting there during the lesson desperately trying to understand anything that I can and honestly I only understood about five words during the whole lesson. So I decided to fast for lunch, because we had TRC in Tahitian later that day. So TRC rolls around and we find out that we were supposed to prepare 40 minute lessons rather than a 20 minute lesson that we had prepared. Anyway long story short we go into TRC knowing we have to make a 40 minute lesson out of this 20 minute lesson. I'm not really sure how it happened, (it really always seems to happen this way) but the lesson lasted almost exactly 40 minutes and I honestly didn't even have to look down at the lines that we had prepared for half of the things that I wanted to say. It was a little rough but I was able to get a point across and bear testimony all in Tahitian and without hardly looking at my notes. I know the gift of tongues is real because that wasn't me that was able to do that. I am just so grateful for all of the amazing things I have learned about the gospel and missionary work and even about myself here. I know that with faith in the lord we can do anything. One of my favorite scriptures is definitely Moroni 7:33 because I have really felt the power of faith during my time here. 

Something else crazy that will happen this week... we get our travel plans on Friday! Finally! Its so close but it feels so far away. It almost feels like I have been called to serve in the MTC speaking French and Tahitian but our time is almost done here. The Tahitian districts are starting to get pretty creative on how to not go crazy here, so things are fun but I am definitely ready for some travel plans. Anyway those were the highlights of the week. Next week will be a different story though. Thanks to everyone who reads this! You're all awesome! Jusqua la semain prochain, faaitoito! (until next week, take (courage, health, goodness))

Elder Rose

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