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Monday, September 30, 2013

Wooah week 10 done! This is officially my last week ever being in the MTC as a missionary!

This week has been very good and bittersweet. So we had our last devotional in the Mariott Center on Tuesday (they will now just be in the MTC gym) and it was a really good talk on just missionary work. I can't remember everything that he said but I just remember after the devotional everyone in our district was just ready to go like right then. And then on Thursday we had our last TRC ever! We taught a 20 minute lesson in Tahitian but it was really cool because we taught a native Tahitian that just randomly happened to stop by the MTC and we were able to teach him (he was here early because he is going to conference this weekend). It was just really neat to hear Tahitian come from a native tongue. I didn't understand everything he said, but I definitely am able to pick up on more than I was able to last week even.

And on Thursday we got our travel plans! Our whole district was freaking out because we agreed to open them in the classroom, and Elder Twede (our district leader and also the mail retriever) was taking a while to walk back to the classroom. So eventually he gets to the class and he starts handing everyone's travel plans back and of course with my last name starting with an R I got my plans second to last (right in front of Elder Twede) but the whole time he was passing them out I was just thinking "oh my goodness, they don't have my visa yet. I don't have my travel plans". But I got it so it was all good! But here's the news: So we officially leave the MTC Monday October 7th at 7:30AM, we leave SL at 11:30 and get to LA at 12:30, we leave from LA at 4:30 and get to Tahiti at 10:00PM (Tahiti time which is 4 hrs behind UT time)! Its real!! So that was very good.

And then on Saturday all the sisters in our district were singing in the general relief society meeting so all the elders in our district just got some elder time which was good. And on Saturday night we got taught by Soeur Buswell and she told us so many funny and cool stories about Tahiti. It was just a really good day all around and I think everyone in the district is just ready to go. On Sunday we had our mission conference meeting where basically we have another two hour devotional in the middle of the day. This mission conference was so good though, I got so much out of it spiritually and they talked a ton about how we can be really successful missionaries and after all the devotionals on Sunday I really just felt so good about everything. It has been a good week and I am excited to just make it through this week and prepare the best I can to leave.

Anyway, thats all I have time for this week!
 Until next week (In Tahiti hopefully),

Elder Rose

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