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Monday, September 2, 2013

What is it week 6? I can't even remember. Time is weird here in the MTC. I think its week 6 so lets go with that. Anyway, I had a great week this week.

So for devotional this Tuesday we heard it was going to be another general authority, someone big. So my district left as early as we could for devotional and got some super good seats again, some amazing third row seats. And oh my goodness was it worth it, I'll get to that later. So anyway before devotional we were all taking our guesses at who it would be (I was thinking it would be Uchtdorf). There was just this feeling it was going to be someone big though, it was weird. So we get through singing a couple prelude songs before they come in and then everyone starts to stand up, which means that they just came into the room. So I'm looking and looking and BOOM. Its Neal L. Anderson like less than 30 ft away from me. He ended up talking on love and sacrifice and how we sacrifice for the things that we love and we love the things we sacrifice for. His main point was that everyone will face hard times on their mission but through all the hard times we just need to remember that we are doing the Lord's work and what really matters at the end of the day is the service that we did for others and how that will change their lives. I think that can apply to more than just missionaries though. Everyone will face hard times in their life whether they want to or not, but at the end of the day we can always say that God has been with us every step of the way. I know that God answers prayers and that he loves every one of us infinitely. I can feel that love through everything in my life. Every experience I have gone through, the good and the bad, have been to help me learn and grow. I know that God has a plan for every one of us, and whether that plan works out the way we want it to or not it will be for our own good at the end of the day. Everything He does for is because he loves us so much. My time here in the MTC has really helped me to come to know that. 

But anyway after his talk and the devotional were over there was some pretty intense lightning so all the missionaries would have to wait out the storm. During this waiting time Elder Anderson decided that he would shake some missionaries' hands. So he exits to the opposite side of the stage from where we are sitting and then he goes to the rows just opposite of us. He almost came to our row and then he turned toward the choir. So he goes and shakes a ton of the missionaries hands in the choir. Then he starts to make his way back toward my row again. And then he started walking down my row! So everyone in my district is super pumped. Finally he gets to me and I get to shake his hand, it was cool just to be shaking the hand of an apostle. And then as he gets to Elder Gilson and he asks where he is going. Elder Gilson is just like "Tahiti" and he made this surprised face and said "well that's a nice place" and just kept going down the line. It was pretty funny and we were all on like this spiritual high after that. But then we got to walk back to the MTC in the pouring rain in our suits and that was fun. I was completely soaked by the time I finally got back. It was just a great experience. 

And I got my first haircut this week and I am very happy with how it turned out for it being a free haircut. Everyone in my district is starting to just get a little anxious just to get out to the field and work. Its just kind of difficult seeing everyone leave while we just sit here in the MTC. I will just have to make up for my time here when I finally get out to the field. 

On Thursday we started learning Tahitian! It is a sick language. Its just kind of difficult because it isn't a Latin based language so it sounds nothing like anything in English, which makes memorization for the words a necessity. I enjoyed French because half the time if I didn't know the word I could just say it with a French accent and it would be right. Its not that easy in Tahitian. But I know with enough prayer and practice and with a lot of help from the gift of tongues I will be able to learn the language. I'm just ready to get out to the field and do some teaching! 

Thanks for all the letters I get and for any prayers I get too. I can feel them as I go through my day. I love you all. Jusqu'a semain prochain!

My one month late birthday celebration at the MTC.

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