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Monday, November 4, 2013

Ia ora na i te mau taata!
E mea maitai teie mahana (this week was good). Every week is great out here of course. So starting out the week, one of our investigators, Eliza, has finished taking all the lessons and is ready for baptism! Great news right! The reason I haven't talked about her yet is because she doesn't live in Rurutu, she was just staying here to visit her daughter for a few weeks and she is actually back in Tahiti now. The last thing she needs to do before her baptism is get married, which she is doing in December. Its just a shame she isn't getting baptized here in Rurutu. It was funny to hear the responses of the Elders whose ward she is going to. We called them to tell them that they were receiving an investigator who wanted to be baptised and had already finished taking all the lessons (they don't have to do anything but a baptismal interview, those lucky dogs). Elder Ollerton and I keep joking that we will get a call with someone completely ready for baptism sometime soon. We aren't really sure how likely that is though.
Something kind of cool too, I looked at all our investigators and saw that we have five investigators that we teach in Tahitian and the other three are in French, which might be why my Tahitian is coming along so well compared to my French. But all is well! The languages are coming along, just not as quickly as I would like them of course, but that is kind of expected. Its just super neat to be able to feel divine help sometimes. Its funny though because its not all the time that I feel that help. It seems like its just enough to give me hope that learning these languages is possible. Honestly sometimes when I'm not listening to what is being said, these sound like crazy alien languages (mostly just Tahitian) but I am definitely seeing progression in my language comprehension. Anyway, throughout all of this I have been able to see that God really does have a divine way of teaching, even if it is a bit frustrating. And I know that if God tells us to do something, we can do it (1Ne 3:7) no matter how difficult it is.
And Elder Ollerton and I might have some new investigators, a family of 6... more news on that in later weeks, but we have very high hopes for them. This week we did a lot of committing people to make lists of investigators and so far is sounds like some people did it, so if all works out we could possibly have some new investigators within the next couple weeks. Cool stuff!
And something that has been happening this week. So our house is right beside this sport building and behind that building they have a futsal (soccer) court. This whole weekend has been just a huge futsal tournament, which makes it kind of difficult to do personal and companionship study because the crowd is so loud. And that also makes it difficult because futsal is my favorite sport in the whole world. So it has been hard not to just sit and watch the games all the time but I feel good focusing on the Lord's work.
So yeah, that's all I have time for this week but like always next week will be a whole different story. Aru'e
Elder Rose 
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