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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hey everyone! Short post this week.
Broke some records this week also. On Tuesday we received 4 bunches of bananas from a member. For those of you who don't know how much that is, we estimated it to be around 450 bananas (see picture below). I'm hoping I still like bananas by the end of the week. Also we received news about transfers.  No transfer for us! This was surprising to us because we have never heard of a trainer staying with his trainee for over 3 transfer cycles (each transfer cycle is 6 weeks). So as of today I am officially the most trained trainee that I know in French polynesia. Even though I finished getting trained 6 weeks ago I often make the joke that Elder Ollerton is still training me. So anyway, all of that made this week interesting.

The highlight of this week would have to be our first neighborhood family home evening that was held at our branch president's house. We had 2 investigators come (which was pretty impressive because this was planned almost last second) and they seemed to really enjoy it. It was a fun lesson to teach too. We made 2 cakes, one being a normal cake from the box and with the other we added tons of salt and hot curry powder to make it disgusting.  We made the comparison that the cakes were like the commandments and we have the agency to choose between the good and bad and that there are consequences with our choices. Overall it was a good first neighborhood FHE.

That's all I've got time for today. I hope everyone has an excellent and joyous week.  
Elder Rose

The 450 bananas we have to eat this week

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