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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bonjour everyone!

I got transferred to the island of Moorea. The island right beside Tahiti. My companion is a Tahitian named Elder Tematahotoa and he is super cool. He has been out on his mission 4 months now. He has been here at Moorea his whole mission. There are 6 missionaries total on the island, us two, two sister missionaries, and a senior couple. 
With my companion being Tahitian he doesn't speak a lick of English. That is OK though because I have the Lord on my side. I have already heard "j'ai pas compris" more than I want to hear in my life, but that’s fine. That translates to (I didn't understand). I have already seen a good improvement in my French. He is super motivated to work so that is good. I'm just glad he isn't racist toward Americans haha. Oh and he is 25 and was converted a little over a year and a half ago, so that’s a cool story.
Faaitoito noa e tamaa e tae noa'tu e farii outou i te oaoa. Until next time,
Orametua Rose

This is Alaska Taae. He was baptized Friday and confirmed Sunday. Elder Ollerton and I's only baptism in Rurutu.
Here is a picture of me right before I left Rurutu. I was replaced by the small Tahitian elder on the right his name is Elder Manarani.
           Me and my new companion on Moorea. The island in the background is Tahiti.

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