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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey everyone,
First off if you didn't know already, I got transferred to the island of Moorea. I'm still on an island!! It’s the island just northwest of Tahiti. My new companion is a Tahitian named Elder Tematahotoa and he is awesome. Here is the really cool news. We have a CAR in this sector. There are two wards on the island and one branch. Our ward is the ward of Paopao and we have about 160-180 active members. That’s a lot more than at Rurutu!
My experience here has been great so far. Coming into the sector we already had six baptisms set (already more than we had total at Rurutu). One really cool experience happened after a lesson with an old man named Josélito. His wife and son are already members and a couple weeks ago (before I got here) he decided he wanted to be baptized on the 13 March (this Thursday). So my first lesson with him after the lesson I was asked to baptize him. He said when he heard that an American was coming into the sector he wanted to be baptized by him. So this Thursday I get to do my first baptism. The cool part is that it’s in Tahitian! So that was super cool.
I can already tell we will have some good success here at Moorea. The members are super cool and the people in general just seem to be more open to accepting the gospel.  I will definitely have some interesting stories in the future. Until then, I'm out of time for today. Have a good week everyone!
Elder Rose

          Here is me and Elder Tematahotoa in the car doing missionary work. 
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