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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hey, so crazy stuff this week. Everything worked out with my companion and he left on Monday and now I am with Elder Palombo. We got here at the same time; we were in the MTC together so we already knew each other. Yesterday we went to Tahiti to do a missionary concert thing. All the missionaries that serve on Tahiti get to sing in a missionary concert and someone on Moorea asked president if we could go to the concert and he said yes So that as why we went to Tahiti yesterday. 
I am glad I am serving out in the islands. The good thing about being out here is that there are not a lot of other missionaries that I can compare myself with. Also there are tons of opportunities to use Tahitian which is awesome. Elder Palombo is a really cool guy too so I am happy to be serving with him. He is super easy-going and just a happy guy so that will help to make this a good transfer. 

The first picture is our district here at Moorea. Coolest district in French Polynesia I would have to say.

Me and Elder Palombo. 

Elder Rose

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