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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ia ora na everybody!
This week I will hit my year mark so I thought it would be a good opportunity to write a little blog post. So some cool things that happened this past week. 
Our investigator, Herehau, got baptized this last Saturday at last and I got to baptize her. This was a very momentous occasion because she has been pushing her date back for a while now and she was just scared of what would happen with her family relationships but through faith she was finally able to overcome her fear and be baptized. And her non-member parents came to her baptism and really felt the spirit. We have been hearing from some of the parents friends that they are asking about baptism and other peoples' conversion stories, so they seem to really have been affected by the spirit. So that is a miracle right there.

And for p-day we did a district activity and hiked a little mountain named Magic Mountain. We got some pretty sweet pics too. This was a district activity to mark the last p-day of Sister Johnson and the year mark for all the missionaries that came in at the same time as me. This week we were able to play soccer to contact some investigators and I got to work on my p-day tan lines which that was marvelous (RMs you know what I'm talking about). Overall a good week. I see tons of blessings that Heavenly Father grants me and others. I know He is there and loves each and every one of us. I hope everyone has the time to stop and look around at all the blessings that God gives us every day. We are all super blessed! I hope everyone has an awesome week. I'm outta time for this week but until next time
Elder Rose
Just before Herehau's baptism

The district reached the summit. We contacted some tourists while we were up there too.

We might have thought we were in Brazil for a second
Me just chillin in my natural state

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