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Monday, January 12, 2015

I hope everyone's holidays went well. Things went pretty well for us at new years. From what everyone was telling us usually people throw big parties with loud music on new years' eve but this new years' eve was pretty quiet. We think it was because of an epidemic that is going around right now called chickungunya. The effects are a massive fever and intense body aches (and evidently a lack of desire to party on new years' eve also). Something funny about holidays here in French Polynesia, whenever people ask how a holiday went for us the first thing they will ask us is what food we ate. This is a very food-centered culture. 

Also, some news for this week. My old companion, Elder Teihotu got transfered and I got my new companion, Elder Lee Chip Sao. He is a 19 year old Tahitian that has been on his mission now for about 15 months. He has been in leadership positions for over a year now so I have a lot I can learn from him. We have been able to talk about our hopes and expectations for the zone and I am excited to see the progress we will be able to make here in our Raromata'i zone. 

Last week we were doing some tracting also and we had a nice miracle. The third house that we contacted there was a member there that was on vacation from Tahiti. She immediately introduced us to all of her family at the house (about 8 people) and we were able to set up a family home evening in their foyer that next monday. At the FHE we taught about prayer and the restoration of the gospel and afterwards we committed everyone to pray and ask for themselves if our message was true. Right after we asked that question one of the older men that was there responded "for me its not even a question of if its true or not if you two are here in front of us telling us this story". So that was a pretty interesting experience. We will be continuing the lessons with them so we will see where that will go.

And this week we had a baptism. He is an 18 yr old named Leywilson. He bore a simple, yet powerful testimony of his knowledge of the truthfulness of this Gospel. It is such a blessing to be able to be a part of these peoples' conversions. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers and I wish everyone a great week. 

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