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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

We have seen a lot of miracles in the past two weeks. Its weird because it seems like after every transfer the missionary work really jumps in the area with the new companion. We have been able to see this phenomena in our area and I know that we are being blessed by Heavenly Father right now. 

Here are some cool experiences we have had in the past two weeks. We went to teach an inactive member and we ended up teaching his girlfriend who was at his house also. Her name is Mireille (pronounced meer-aye) and she is a deaf mute. We have found it a little difficult to communicate with her because she doesn't really know how to read and we don't know sign language (I'm really wishing now I would have paid more attention to my mom's sign language classes that I sat in on as a kid). To teach her we show pictures and we try to act things out with our hands. We don't know if she is really understanding everything that we are teaching her but she seems to be happy and has even expressed a desire to be baptized. I'm so happy that the spirit is the one that converts people and not words. Now we are just looking for someone who knows sign language. 

We have been able to find a considerable amount of new investigators during these past two weeks also. We were able to find a young adult named Tenoho who thought he was baptized but when we looked for his name in the ward directory he wasn't there, and we weren't able to find his name in the church records. That means that he has to be baptized (or re-baptized if he was already baptized). The crazy thing was that Tenoho told us he hasn't been to church in over five years and this past Sunday he came to church and had a really great time. Every time he sees us there is a great big smile on his face. Its great to be able to see the changes the gospel can make in peoples' lives. 

Also we went to visit an old investigator named Rose (no we are not related) who had told us a couple months ago that she didn't want to follow the discussions anymore. We decided to go visit her to see if she had changed her mind and when we showed up to her house she was very surprised to see us.  After a couple minutes of talking and presenting my new companion she happily accepted to follow the discussions again. She told us later that she had been touched that we came to visit her randomly. I know that it was the spirit that touched her heart. Last week we were able to help her set goals to stop smoking and she is very determined to stop. We are excited to see her progression. 

My last story for this week is from last night. During the week we were able to contact an older man and we set up a lesson for the following Sunday (last night). When we got to their house, we stood at the edge of their property line and shouted Iaorana but it seemed like no one heard us. We could see that there was someone watching TV. A couple seconds later the man came out and said "I completely forgot that I had invited you two over." but he invited us into his house anyway. After we had started the discussion he explained to us that a couple minutes before we got to his house he had sat down to watch the news and all of the sudden he didn't even know why but he got up and walked outside, which was very abnormal for him to do while he was watching the news. That was when he saw us standing there and invited us in. I acknowledge that we are receiving divine aid and I would like to thank everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers for me and the missionary work. They are being heard. 

Have a great week everyone. I hope it isn't too cold in America. Its raining cats and dogs over here and its still humid as ever. 

Elder Rose

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